Koloreka emerged as an artistic project without any commercial side to it.

Once in progress, we have continued to work in parallel on other projects on different routes and with different outcomes. In them we transfer our aesthetic and conceptual criteria to different disciplines, and although they take away sleeping time and give us some headaches, they are also trips full of discoveries.

Let's see what you think.

An appeal for observation

Koloreka is 10 years old and we want to celebrate it by inviting you to practice our favorite sport: observation.

Until now we have always decided which scenes would become a poster. Now we take our koloreskopio to the street so that you can do it too. We want to know what is around you and what catches your attention.

Take your time and look.

Hunt for an interesting scene, an eye-catching object or a remarkable attitude and let us know. Any curiosity can be a good graphic starting point

To participate you just have to:

  1. Find your observatory.
  2. Fill in this 5-question form with your results.

Observations form

Give us the street, address, coordinates or any other indication that will help us to locate the observing site

1 / 5

Date and time of observation

2 / 5

Description of the observation

3 / 5

Title of the observation

4 / 5

Attachment (optional)

5 / 5

Thank you for participating.

We have condensed the philosophy of this contemplative outbreak in a manifesto where we collect the principles and the reason for this proposal. Take a look at it.

Koloreskopio Manifesto

Cheer up and remember: Reality overcomes fiction.

P.S. If you want to take your observing to another level, we have prepared a free Observer's Kit that you can come and pick up at our store in Calle San Jeronimo. In it you will find a pair of cardboard binoculars and a small guide with four tips to help you observe carefully.


Observation map

Your house as a landscape

We want to celebrate that our home has been that cozy place where we have spent, perhaps, a little too much time. We’d like to make a portrait that captures the essence of your home at this moment in time. A personalized illustration that turns your house into an imaginary landscape.

And how will we know what your house is like? Easy, through a questionnaire with 10 simple questions. Your answers will “let us in” and will allow us to transform it into a unique place.

Ding Dong…

Let's start

How many people live in your house?

1 / 10

How old are these people?

2 / 10

Do many people frequent the house?

3 / 10

Do you spend a lot of time at home? are you a homelike?

4 / 10

How long have you been living at that home?

5 / 10

Do you think it will be your forever home?

6 / 10

How many houses have you lived in?

7 / 10

Are the walls of your house full or rather empty?

8 / 10

Does your home have an enjoyable space open to the outdoors, such as a terrace or garden?

9 / 10

Do you frequently move or rearrange household objects and furniture?

10 / 10

Thank you. With these answers we will portray your home. Give us the sheet format you like the most and its finish.

Example 1

This is the portrait of an older couple who spend a lot of time at home, who have lived in it for 21 years, who see themselves living there for the rest of their life, who receive many visitors, who have bare walls and a small terrace. They live happily sheltered from the cold in the winter of their lives. They are my parents.

Example 2

This house is home to a couple with 2 children. They have been living here for 13 years. They like to spend time at home, and often receive visits. They have already lived in several houses before this one, and they don't think it will be their last. The walls are full of memories, including this mudamuga.
It is the home of our friends Nagore and Haritz.

Would you like to know more?

In mudamuga, you are the protagonist, and we draw you as a tree, along with the forest that accompanies you. The height of the sun tells us which season frames this moment in your life and a horizon, more or less populated with mountains, indicates how long you’ve been living in that house.

The nomads will be able to observe migrating birds and the most homey ones will have a path through which to walk. If you think that you’ll be living in this house for the rest of your days, a river will creep into your landscape, and it will pour into the sea for those who have an outdoor space to enjoy.

Available in 80x40 cm and 40x20 cm.

Our sculptural series is still being put together, but we already have the first pieces.

Choral tradition of the Basque Country has played a fundamental role in the oral transmission of our culture throughout history.

By using discarded materials we give life to singers and create a small choir.

Baritones, tenors or bass, young or old, large or small all sing together in harmony, keeping the flame alive from generation to generation.

Looking at the horizon awakens our curiosity about what awaits us on the other side, and we fantasize about starting a journey straight across the sea. Begimugan tries to respond to this concern, looking into the connections between our city and a series of places that geography has arranged within our reach, and we stick to the course we have set.

We become digital navigators who, without leaving our dock, reach eleven places on the Atlantic coast to illustrate their landscapes. Landscape as a perception which generates emotions. Illustration as an instrument which narrates what we see.

An artistic project organized by Rezink and Dimension to increase awareness of gender violence.

When they called us, we didn't need to be asked twice. Nothing is enough when it comes to increasing awareness of this terrible problem. This is an issue embedded in society, and our reflection examines our role in providing information to future generations.

A photographic project which reflects in an ironic way on the influence of social environments on our preferences and decisions, showing tandems of people who identify closely with their partners.

Coloured fabrics, pencil, ink and oil emphasis the white. These are the resources which are repeated in these small and medium format pieces. As in the store series, we portray everyday scenes in a leisurely way.