Koloreka emerged as an artistic project without any commercial side to it.

Once in progress, we have continued to work in parallel on other projects on different routes and with different outcomes. In them we transfer our aesthetic and conceptual criteria to different disciplines, and although they take away sleeping time and give us some headaches, they are also trips full of discoveries.

Let's see what you think.

Our sculptural series is still being put together, but we already have the first pieces.

Choral tradition of the Basque Country has played a fundamental role in the oral transmission of our culture throughout history.

By using discarded materials we give life to singers and create a small choir.

Baritones, tenors or bass, young or old, large or small all sing together in harmony, keeping the flame alive from generation to generation.

Looking at the horizon awakens our curiosity about what awaits us on the other side, and we fantasize about starting a journey straight across the sea. Begimugan tries to respond to this concern, looking into the connections between our city and a series of places that geography has arranged within our reach, and we stick to the course we have set.

We become digital navigators who, without leaving our dock, reach eleven places on the Atlantic coast to illustrate their landscapes. Landscape as a perception which generates emotions. Illustration as an instrument which narrates what we see.

An artistic project organized by Rezink and Dimension to increase awareness of gender violence.

When they called us, we didn't need to be asked twice. Nothing is enough when it comes to increasing awareness of this terrible problem. This is an issue embedded in society, and our reflection examines our role in providing information to future generations.

A photographic project which reflects in an ironic way on the influence of social environments on our preferences and decisions, showing tandems of people who identify closely with their partners.

Coloured fabrics, pencil, ink and oil emphasis the white. These are the resources which are repeated in these small and medium format pieces. As in the store series, we portray everyday scenes in a leisurely way.