¡Welcome to Koloreka!

Since 2013, and in the heart of the old part of Donostia, we are dedicated to observing the landscape and portraying the customs of our city. They portray everyday life in a contemporary, approachable style. What we want to do is offer memories. Memories which will travel and take on a second life in their new homes.

Following the idea that less is more, we tell simple stories, using a simple style which allows us to offer warmth and proximity. Although we use digital tools, the basis to our work is still analog: observation and inspiration.

We are moved by curiosity, and give each image the treatment it deserves, letting ourselves be influenced and using silkscreen printing, photography, painting...

Our name combines two words in Basque: kolore and oreka, ‘colour’ and ‘balance’. Nerea and Ramon are behind these two words, bringing colour and balance together. For a long time we have been collecting memories in the form of objects which, at one glance, allow us to travel back to experiences we have had. It is this feeling that encouraged us to invent Koloreka. A space that gives you the chance to create memories and break out from your routine.

In this spirit, we went from being puppeteers at fairs to run our own shop, where we began to show more defined pieces of work.

If you visit us you will be able to see our reproductions made with different printing techniques on watercolour paper. All of them are signed, both our open and limited editions. If you fall in love with a piece and you have already found the place for it in your home, we can help you further by offering custom frames. Our packaging puts the icing on the cake and means your pictures will reach you in perfect condition.

From the start we have used local suppliers with whom we share interests, and who are, in a sense, part of our team.

Travelers, walkers, professionals and anyone who wants to give themselves a break, our doors are open for them to choose the picture they want to illustrate their story.

Our team

Nerea Urrestarazu Artistic direction

She left the University of the Basque Country with a degree in Fine Arts, and has spent half her life in audiovisual production. This is how she has learned to create the right atmospheres for each story.

After some solo projects, she joined Ramon to create Koloreka, a space that allows her to open up her creativity.

Her main job is to generate new lines of work, which, adapted to the space and time in which we live, still move us.

She is not very good with words, so she lets her images talk, giving the word to the people who come through our doors.

Gorka Martin

Gorka Martín

Attracted by the album covers of his adolescence, he studied graphic design in his native Tolosa. Then he moved to Madrid to continue his training while doing different jobs to finance his experience.

In 2020 he returned to the Basque Country and joined the team. Since then he has become our "quiet man", helping everyone who comes to us to find the pause in their journey.

Laura Aranegui

Laura Aranegui Ilustrator

The latest addition to our team is also a graduate in Fine Arts and specialises in digital illustration. Always interested in artistic expression, she has been trying out different techniques to represent, above all, nature, with which she connects naturally.

She says that she has always known her vital and professional direction until this moment. Now, she understands Koloreka as a stroke of luck, but in reality, it will be your luck if you coincide with her smile in one of her shifts.

Ramón Anaya Business development

This cartographer from Zaragoza spent several years making maps for different engineering and environmental companies. After meeting Nerea, he changed scale and, in 2012, moved his compass towards Donostia. Soon after, he decided to start this project with her.

He purpose is to fulfil other aims, and he often sets the rudder so that the ship does not lose its way.

When he puts his apron on he enjoys coming up with ideas to make our little gallery even more welcoming.

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