The butcher’s we built Koloreka over has faded away over the years, but when you come in you can still sense its spirit in a very special place: the refrigerator.

At only 5m2 it is our everyday workshop and storage area, but we have decided to give it another opportunity, and plan to turn it into the smallest exhibition room in the city.

We are looking for other artists in Donostia who would like to exhibit and sell their work here. We want our fridge to be like Walt Disney’s one, showcasing taste, talent and the desire to share things.

Ane Zaldibar.

Keep Looking. February, 2022

Donostia illustrator Ane Zaldibar held an exhibition of the work she does in addition to being a member of the Koloreka team.

Ane studied art at Bilbao and Seville. After graduating she moved to Barcelona where, in 2010, she took a degree in illustration, and began to take an interest in independent publishing. Since then she has edited around 20 publications, taken part in numerous specialist festivals, and contributed drawings to many different media outlets. Currently she lives and works in Donostia.

Her work includes medium-size drawings, collages made using material discarded during everyday work at Koloreka, and several fanzines and comic books.


We would like to invite any artist with connections to Donostia and who can show their work in 5m2.

We are going to hold two exhibitions each year, in February and November. If you would like to show your work, please send an e-mail with information about it to

You can get in touch at any time, but the final date for the next two exhibitions is July 15th.

If you would like to find out more about how to take part, please click on this link:

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