This collage illustration of the Nautico captures the transformation of La Concha Bay in winter. The absence of boats, buoys and barges reveals a bare, calm sea, where the waves unfurl majestically. The Náutico area is filled with a profound serenity. However, during the Jazzaldia, this tranquillity is broken by electronic music, and the place becomes 'Nauticool'. This illustration of the Nautico tinged with deep blues, takes us on a visual journey that reflects the duality of the bay, from its serene winter stillness to its vibrant life during the festival.



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All the illustrations are stamped and signed by hand by the artists Nerea Urrestarazu and Ane Zaldibar, both in open and limited series.

For our reproductions we use flat UV printing on 300 g/m2 Canson® Montval® watercolour paper.

Our hallmark is the 2:1 format. How did we decide to use it? By chance. In order to make a series profitable, we decided to use this format, which is out of the usual standards.

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